Money Today Lists Top 4 Korean Apps for August

Another busy month for apps, it seems, as Money Today has selected four favourites for August: (Apologies for any translation/transliteration errors. I’m writing this from the UK with a hangeul-free keyboard.)

Name: Room Escape


OS: Android, iOS


Developer: GameDay


This claustrophobic game begins with you waking up trapped inside a room, from which you can only escape by tackling a series of puzzles. To do this, you must survey the various objects around the room, and use them individually or in specific combinations.

Originally available on Android, Room Escape was recently released on iOS too, with only minor tweaks to the original. The game operates via a cursor-hand that lets you pick up objects, a magnifying glass that lets you view objects more closely, and footprints that show you moving to the next room once you’ve completed the initial escape. You can view all the items in your possession on a separate menu page.

Room Escape is very easy to play, Money Today says, so users can get wrapped up in it pretty quickly. Because it requires constant focus on how best to use the objects you have, the game exercises both the imagination and lateral thinking. By having players piece all the clues together, the article adds, Room Escape also provides a real kick when they eventually figure out how to get out the series of rooms.

Room Escape is free or costs 99 cents for the premium version from the Apple App Store. It’s free or 2,000 won from T Store.

Name: Where Shall We Go?


OS: Android, iOS


Developer: 제이허브 (J Hub?)


To distinguish itself from the slew of travel-related apps already available, Where Shall We Go? provides a stack of real-time information on regional festivals, performances and exhibitions, that lets users just head out and find something to do without laborious planning beforehand.

After finding a festival that interests them, users can access comments from people who’ve already visited, or post questions/comments of their own. The app also links up with Kakao Talk and T Map to provide more real-time info and make it easy to share with friends. Where Shall We Go? also plans to hook up with Daum’s My People mVoiP service soon.

Where Shall We Go? uses T Map to provide info on traffic conditions and predict how long it will take you to arrive at your destination. A “Hot Recommendations” sidebar offers up ideas of where to go, and a search function lets users easily connect with other online communities or blog posts related to the event they’re headed to.

Where Shall We Go? is free.

Name: AV Player




Developer: ePLAYWORKs

AV Player is a video player app that makes it easy to watch all major video formats on iPhones and iPads. This user-friendly, highly versatile app allows users to wirelessly flick videos over from their PC and watch them direct on an iPhone or iPad without the need to convert them first. Friendly to numerous formats, the app is particularly useful in Korea because it supports SMI files.

AV Player lets users move the timeline backwards or forwards by dragging the screen to the left or right, and also has a function to adjust the onscreen ratio. It also supports subtitles, including in Korea, making it ideal for watching foreign movies. For a more detailed review of AV Player, check out this post on tech2.

AV Player is $2.99.

Name: 인맥관리의 힘 (Power for Managing Groups)


OS: Android


Developer: JHP Solution


In these demanding days of online networks, blizzards of phone numbers and endless meetings, it’s all most of us can do to keep track of contact details and appointments. Power for Managing Groups, however, aims to make life easier by helping you remember how you know these various people, and what exactly it was they wanted with you (or you with them).

Besides just phone numbers and records of incoming calls, Power for Managing Groups lets users leave a short memo reminding them of what the call was about. As soon as the call is done, the app prompts you to leave a note about its contents, which you can later retrieve simply by entering the person’s name or phone number.

The app also offers stats on who you are contacting most, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so you’ll know who you should be calling more (or less).

Power for Managing Groups is free.

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