Infographic: How Koreans Use Twitter

Bloter, working in conjunction with local data mining firm Gruter, has come up with an informative infographic drawn from Twitter use in Korea between April 1, 2009, and July 31 of this year. As they were unable to base their research on nationality per se, Bloter instead focused on Tweeters who wrote at least 10 percent of their Tweets in Korean. It is, Bloter says, the first study in Korea to draw on Tweet information over such a long period.


  • There are more than 3 million people now Tweeting in Korean, for a total of 880 million Tweets.
  • 17,441 of those people have been Tweeting for more than 20 months, 863,290 for more than five months, and 2,166,452 for fewer than five months.
  • Some 445,339 people Tweet at least once a month, and 1,179 “Twitter mania” types Tweet more than once per day.
  • The average Korean Tweeter has 126 followers, and follows 119 people.
  • He/she has posted 453 Tweets.
  • He/she has sent 182 Tweets that mentioned another user, and has been mentioned 413 times in other people’s Tweets.
  • He/she has been retweeted nine times and RT’ed someone else three times.
  • He/she was the last person to RT a Tweet 23 times.**
  • He/she sent 79 Tweets that had no response or RTs at all.
Among people who have sent at least 10 messages:
  • They have an average of 195 followers, and are following 181 people.
  • They have posted 721 Tweets.
  • They have sent 284 Tweets that mention another user, and have been mentioned in 407 Tweets posted by other users.
  • They have been RT’ed 14 times, and have RT’ed other users’ Tweets four times.
  • They have been the last person to RT a Tweet 35 times.**
  • They have sent 12 Tweets that had no response or RTs at all.
  • Most Tweets are sent between 11pm and midnight.
  • The fewest are sent between 5am and 6am.
  • There is a temporary tail-off of Tweets mentioning other users between noon and 1pm.
  • Twitter conversations (in which users address one another directly) start increasing in number at 7.30pm before reaching a peak at 1am.
  • Most Tweets (15.25 percent) are sent on Tuesdays, with the least (12.7 percent) going out on Saturdays.
  • Most of Korea’s Tweets (45.4 percent) come from Seoul, with Gyeonggi Province in second with 21.57 percent and Incheon third with 4.84 percent.
  • Within Seoul, Gangnam is the most Tweet-friendly area, accounting for 7.33 percent of the capital’s Tweets. Next is Seocho with 3.44 percent, followed by Mapo with 3.31 percent.
  • The most popular subway station for Tweeters is City Hall, with 3.25 percent. Next is Gangnam with 2.4 percent, and third is Yeoksam with 2.16 percent.
** This seems like a very peculiar statistic to me, but I couldn’t work out what else it might mean (and nor could a couple of Korean friends I asked). If you know better, please feel free to share in the comments section.



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