‘Devil’s App’ Makers Return With Daily Deals for Dates

The makers of the infamous Oppa Midji app — whose stalker-esque USP briefly landed its key developer in custodyare back. And this time, they offering the chance of dream dates — to the preferred bidder.

Having changed their name to 플라스크모바일 (Flask Mobile, presumably), the developers released their latest creation, called That Boy, That Girl, onto the Android Market on the 26th. Subscribers to the app are introduced to one new boy or girl every day, and if he/she takes their fancy, users can select them and then submit their “bids” for the chance to meet up. The app, the developers say, is intended as a parody of the blizzard of daily deals sites available in Korea.

ZDNet says the app is aimed at giving regular mortals the chance of a date with a true hunk/babe. One Piece’s boss, Kim Jeong-tae, said the idea came to him through his own misadventures in online dating.

I was single for a while, so I joined up with all the social dating services. But it almost never matched me up with beautiful women, and even if it did, they’d ignore me. That’s how this app came to be created.

The article says that the people on offer every day are carefully selected by Flask Mobile to try and minimise any potential problems. People wishing to put themselves forward as the “daily meat” can do so by submitting their profile and picture via the app itself.

Once all the bids are in, the daily selection takes his/her pick of what’s on offer and contacts them by email. Because of privacy concerns — on which Kim and his team have some form — the email address is not shown on the person’s profile, and is only revealed to the daily selection after he or she has selected who their lucky partner will be.

According to the article, this unorthodox approach is already proving popular with many users. One said:

In contrast with other dating sites, it’s all very above board and reveals only the minimum of my personal information. I like it!

While another chimed in:

Though you can get a bit of a feeling of rejection when you are turned down during the auction,  it’s easy to use and you can see the people other users choose, so it’s a lot of fun.

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