Korean Drama Checks In With Location-Based Service

The Kyunghyang Shinmun reports that following forays into other types of social media marketing, the Korean entertainment business has now launched a successful hook-up with a domestic location-based service (LBS).

Following the generally successful recruitment of entertainers to NHN’s Twitter clone me2DAY and a joint promotion between I’m In and Korean TV series Dream High, the latest social media tie-in sees local LBS SeeOn promoting hit comedy-thriller Myung Wol the Spy.

SeeOn offers fairly standard LBS-type services, including location check-ins, info about nearby places and special offers, and chatting with other users. However, since launching the tie-in with Myung Wol the Spy, and plastering the faces of Mun Jung-hyuk (of Shinhwa fame) and Han Ye-seul on its homepage, SeeOn downloads have supposedly surged by 650,000.

Thanks to the joint promotion, drama fans can follow the cast’s movements around the city and go to sites where the key scenes for different characters were shot.

In a priceless bit of product placement, the show that ran on the 9th of this month had a plot point revolving around the main characters’ use of SeeOn.¬†Also, as another carrot for drama fans, people who log-on to the SeeOn page for Mun Jung-hyuk’s character while the show is airing can enter a draw for prizes including an iPad 2.

UPDATE: Oops! It seems I’ll have to pay closer attention to my Korean dramas before posting about them. As this story explains, Myung Wol the Spy has been anything but a hit, with Han Ye-seul even threatening to walk away completely. (She has since backed down, apparently. Few things focus the mind like the threat of litigation.)

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