Money Today Lists Top 3 Korean Apps for July

It’s that time of the month again when Money Today puts down its smartphone, has a ponder and comes up with its three top apps for the month of July.

Name: Tap Sonic


OS: Android, iOS


Developer: Neowiz Internet


Tap Sonic is one of those massively popular rhythm games you may have seen in Korean arcades, but for your fingers rather than your feet. Simply, as the game emits notes, you have to tap along with them in time to the beat.

Unlike in most rhythm games, the notes in Tap Sonic — which include Korean characters such as ㄱ and ㄹ  — don’t just fall vertically or move horizontally. To win in this game, players can’t just touch the right notes — they actually have to touch them and drag them around the screen in the shape of the corresponding Korean character.

When playing the game, players can choose either single mode, which runs for one song, or “non-stop,” which involves three. The game has a big selection of songs to choose from, but only some are available at the outset — the others have to be bought using accumulated “music points” (presumably gained through playing the game). On the song selection screen, you can also change the speed at which the notes appear or the game’s appearance, greatly extending the app’s gameplay even with the same songs.

As with all such games, scores depend on timing, with most points being awarded if you hit the note dead in time with the beat.

Tap Sonic is free.

Name: Photo Shake


OS: Android, iOS


Developer: MotionOne


Photo Shake is one of a growing number of apps that let users edit their pics on their phone, rather than having to flick them over to a PC and photoshop them there. This twist here, though, is that users just give their phones a shake, and the app applies whatever random bit of editing it feels like.

The process starts with the user choosing from one of six categories — solo pics, on the spot pics, wide pics, and so on — for the kind of look they want to achieve. Next, they need to pull up a photo, which they can do either by taking a new one, drawing on pics stored in the phone, or uploading one from the likes of Picasa or Flickr.

With that done, the next step is to give the phone a little shake, and the app automatically formats the picture in some way — adding a speech bubble, say, or a sticker effect. If you don’t like it, another short shake will bring up another format.

With the editing done, Photo Shake makes it easy to share the finished article by email or any of the usual SNS suspects.

Photo Shake costs $1.99 from the Apple App Store and Android App Market.

Name: Mega Punch 3D


OS: Android


Developer: 아몬드게임즈


Megapunch, says Money Today, has been the perfect hit for summer, offering a way to de-stress by punching the bejesus out of opponents using nothing more dangerous than the touchscreen on your smartphone.

By touching or dragging, players can administer jabs, hooks and uppercuts. Uppercutting leaves you with your guard down, however,  so when lining up one of those screamers, players have to use the dodge button at the foot of the screen to avoid getting pummeled.

Whether on “immediate start” or “champion” mode, players begin with a fairly easy scrap, meeting tougher opponents the more fights they win. Players can face-off against opponents online, or just do a bit of practice against an automated adversary in “coach” mode.

As players pile up the victories, they gain access to a growing range of accessories that they can use to dandy-up or strengthen their character. A highly effective way of doing this is to enter one of Megapunch’s online leagues, which awards untold riches of virtual gold to the winner.

Megapunch is available from T-Store and is free in its basic version. A more advanced version retails for 3,900 won.

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