Blaming Batteries, BlackBerry Delays Kakao Talk Release AGAIN

The ongoing saga of the BlackBerry version of Kakao Talk took yet another twist late last week, as BlackBerry announced it was postponing the roll-out of its test version, originally scheduled to run for 10 days from June 27th.

A BlackBerry battery recovers from a run-in with Kakao Talk

The reason for the delay this time, BlackBerry said, was that when the company’s staff ran the app internally, it resulted in an abnormally high drag on the batteries.

Though the company has yet to say how the latest hold-up will affect plans for the official release of the app, it seems certain that it too will be delayed. Had the dummy run been successful, the Kakao Talk app was slated for release on BlackBerries at the beginning of this month.

A company spokesperson said:

Although keeping promises to our customers is paramount, we think that if there’s a chance of causing inconvenience to users, the right thing to do is apologise and ask for their understanding. We don’t yet have a confirmed schedule for the test version, but we are well aware that our customers have been waiting a long time for this, so we will get it going as soon as we possibly can.

According to ZDNet, the response from BlackBerry users in Korea has been mixed, with some gnashing their teeth in dismay, but others apparently reassured that a complete, glitch-free version of Kakao Talk should soon be available.

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