Study: Groupon Korea, Coupang Winning the Hits Race

A new study from nielsen Koreanclick shows that Groupon Korea received the most hits of any Korean social commerce site in May, followed by Coupang, market leader Ticket Monster, and then WeMakePrice.

groupon, ticket monster, wemakeprice, coupang

Since opening in February, Groupon has enjoyed a meteoric rise in unique visits to its site — which has not, as yet, translated into a commanding market position. For its part, Coupang began airing TV ads in April, following which, Bloter says, unique visits to its site jumped by 1 million.

In other, not entirely surprising results from the survey, more than 60 percent of social commerce users were found to be in their 20s and 30s. Groupon enjoyed slightly more traction among younger and older users.

korea, ticket monster, coupang, groupon, wemakeprice

Perhaps even less surprising, an analysis of peak usage times for social commerce sites showed that most Koreans use them between the hours of 8am and 7pm — in other words, when they’re at work.

korea, ticket monster, groupon, wemakeprice, coupang

Looking st sources of inflow, all four of the market leaders get most of their traffic from portal searches, with Ticket Monster and WeMakePrice especially dependent on those sources. Groupon and Coupang derived a relatively high number of hits through email, a result of their running more special promotional events than their two rivals. (On the graph below, the blue sections represent email, red is online communities, green is searches, and purple is direct entry via the front page.)

korea, ticket monster, coupang, groupon, wemakeprice

Finally, in what must be very encouraging news for all social commerce sites, another graph showed that each site’s traffic spiked when it ran a particularly popular offer. While this says nothing about the possibility of repeat visits, a potential Achilles’ heel of social commerce everywhere, it does at least offer compelling evidence that good offers with strong brands will work in the short run.

The graph below shows Coupang spiking on March with a Burger King coupon offer, followed by Ticket Monster in April with offers on plane tickets to Jeju and coupons for bakery chain Tous les Jours. Next up, Groupon surged in May with its “megadeal” on Auction coupons, then Ticket Monster again with coupons for McDonalds’ McCafe, and finally Coupang again with a deal at Home Plus.

korea, groupon, ticket monster, coupang, wemakeprice

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