Money Today Lists Top 3 Korean Apps for May

In a game-heavy month, Money Today has listed the following as its top three Korean apps for May:

Name: Pala Dog


Developer: FazeCat






On a planet where animals live like humans, the dominance of the pure, kind-hearted animals is leading to the disappearance of their co-habitants — the evil-spirited demons. But now, the devils have declared war on the animals, opening a conflict that the peaceful animals are ill-equipped to fight. Into this abyss steps a saviour, a champion called “Pala Dog.”

Though Pala Dog is a fairly standard defence game, it has a number of original features that are helping make it a hit among Korean gamers. The “enchant system,” for instance, lets players upgrade the items they own, a function reminiscent of role playing games that, Money Today says, makes Pala Dog truly addictive.

The game progresses in stages, with a “special mode” occurring on every third stage. In the “carriage convoy stage,” for instance,  you have to guide the carriage convoy to its destination. While in the “battlefield mode” you have to engage in battle not unlike that in the popular Plants vs Zombies game.

In addition, the “O-ora” bonuses contain power-ups such as friendly forces that can also be upgraded as Pala Dog progresses through the stages.

Most recently, a paid version (US$1.99) of the game offers a new survival stage, which offers tougher challenges for anyone who’s worked their way through the initial three stages.

Name: Birzzle


Developer: Nfill

A hybrid of the words “bird” and “puzzle,” Birzzle is  gnawingly addictive puzzle game that plays like a touchscreen version of the native iPhone game Bejeweled.

The game consists of two modes. Players begin on the “Classic” mode, and when they’ve passed level 20 of that, they graduate to “Ice Breaker.”

In the game, players drag birds around the screen as they aim to assemble birds of the same colour in rows. If they gather three in a row, the birds vanish; if they gather four, they can either destroy all the birds in the vicinity or on the entire screen.

Though level one is easy enough for anyone to play, the difficulty increases quickly as you work your way up through the stages. The gap between levels is also extremely short, meaning you have to stay on your toes at all times. The Ice Breaker mode mixes things up a bit: as you erase the birds, nearby blocks of ice break up to reveal eggs that you have to try and save.

Birzzle doesn’t have a full online version, but – by logging in with Birzzle’s game centre – you can check and compare your high score with other players. It comes in a basic free version or a more advanced format for US$0.99.

Name: qbro

OS: Android, iOS

Developer: JellyBus

While there’s no end of phone apps that let you brush up pictures and share them on social media sites, qbro has been making a bit of a name for itself. Key among the reasons for this are a series of convenient features and a clean interface.

The film effect feature lets users add a range of finishes that can make a single photo look completely different. Though the menu for this feature looks a bit intimidating, it is apparently rendered quite easy to use thanks to a series of simple explanations that appear every time you scroll it up and down.

Using qbro, you can call up any pictures you’ve taken and access the edit function by pressing the Edit Studio button at the bottom. You can get a good look at your edited handiwork with the preview function, and save it by clicking on the diskette icon on the upper end of the page. Pressing the arrow icon next to the diskette lets you share your pics on any social media sites. Qbro costs US$0.99.

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