SK Plants ‘Gold in City’ With New Location Service

SK Telecom has thrown its hat into the LBS ring with Gold in City, a location-based service with a couple of tweaks to the tried and tested Foursquare/I’m In model.

korea sk lbs

The “gold” in the rather awkward moniker refers to the benefits users can get from participating stores and outlets around the city. Hence, users are said to be “digging up” (삽질, sabjil) the special offers they receive.

Media reports say that in contrast with other LBS in Korea, Gold in City is setting up events and promotions aimed specifically at Gold in City users. The first of these events, which runs from May 16 to 23, will see Krispy Kreme pony up 12 free doughnuts to all Gold in City members if 30,000 of them use the “dig up” function to check-in at Krispy Kreme outlets. In addition, the seven people nearest check-in No. 30,000 will get Gold in City badges worth 20 pieces of gold (it says here).

SK has several other events planned, according to the news stories, and wants to make it easy for businesses of whatever size to set up their own promotions using the platform. To this end, and to offer more sophisticated analytics, Gold in City has also opened a separate site for businesses. The Gold in City app is already available on iOS and Android phones.

korea sk lbs

In contrast with I’m In, Gold in City’s Farmville-esque interface seems designed to pitch it squarely in the gamier end of location-based services. That feeling is reinforced by a list of the week’s top-ranked users and venues (this week, unsurprisingly, dominated by Krispy Kreme) on the opening page.

It’s of course too early to say with any certainty, but in a country with a fast-growing LBS space and already wildly popular social commerce sites, a service combining elements of both could find a ready audience here in Korea.

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