Korean Smartphone Users Get The Battery Blues

In a survey of 246 Korean office workers conducted by recruitment portal incruit.com, 81.7 percent had gripes about using their smartphones.

The biggest complaint was short battery life, which exercised 57.3 percent of respondents, followed by:

  • Poor Wi-Fi reception making it difficult to check emails or use search — 39 percent
  • Phone cutting out during calls — 32.9 percent
  • Distracting me from doing my work — 23.2 percent´╗┐
  • Not receiving calls due to poor reception — 11 percent
  • Frequent breakdowns — 11 percent
  • Complicated to use compared with regular mobile phones — 3.7 percent

Among respondents, some 71.6 percent said the inconveniences they faced had some bearing on their work.

But for all the gripes, 58.2 percent of respondents said they had no intention of returning to regular phones with their next mobile purchase. When asked why, 84.6 percent cited the inconvenience of losing access to apps and the other smartphone functions, 10.3 percent said the lack of email and so on would be inconvenient for their jobs, and 2.6 percent said they actually expected that their phone bills would go up.

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