Money Today Lists Top 3 Korean Apps for April

In conjunction with the Korea Communications Commission, Money Today recently listed its top three Korean apps for April. Along with apps from the other months, this lot will be entered into the 2011 Korean App Awards at the end of the year. In no particular order, they are:

Name: Kimgisa (김기사, “Driver Kim”)


Developer: Loc&All

A navigation-based app, Kimgisa offers up information on where you are through photos on your iPhone.

Its big selling point is its user interface (UI), which makes it easy to find and select places whether you’ve only searched online for them once or you’re a regular visitor. The honeycomb interface automatically lines up the places you’ve been to most recently, and arranges them according to street locations and your direction, making it easy to find where you want to go. Also, the coloured hexagons on its honeycomb interface turn to brighter colours the more often you visit a given place.

When you register somewhere, you can add or open up a picture that contains GPS information, making it easy to identify and find the place in future. While you can use the app’s own search function to find a place, if it doesn’t show up, Kimgisa also lets you check via any social media accounts you might have. The app can even check the traffic conditions to let you know the best way to get to where you’re going.

Another natty function is Kimgisa’s ability, through Twitter, to automatically keep your friends apprised of where you are as you’re en route to meet them. Kimgisa costs 99 cents, but is free for 30 days after you’ve downloaded it.

Name: My People (마이 피플)

OS: iOS, Android

Developer: Daum Communications

A competitor to the currently all-conquering Kakao Talk, My People boasts a key extra feature that sets it apart from its rivals: mobile internet calling, which (like Skype) means free phone calls with anyone else registered with the service.

My People is also a versatile creature, operating not just on phones but on desktops, too. After installing it, you can access all My People’s services by logging on via Daum or Chrome. This includes the ability to send and receive text messages using your PC.

On top of this, My People comes with some attractive other frills such as a choice of “skins” and musical messages. Daum recently released a rather amusing ad for My People, featuring the always watchable Girls Generation. Funny as it is, it’s also very revealing about just how much the young app upstarts have rattled the older Goliaths of Korea’s internet scene. (HT to the Marmot for the link.)

Name: Echu’s Ideal Type (이츄이상형)

OS: iOS, Android

Developer: Echu

The iPhone and Android app analyses you and your taste in men/women to help set you up with the perfect other half.

Using a “dynamic matching algorithm” to connect you with people with similar tastes to you, Echu’s Ideal Type is a kind of social networking service with a particular focus on exchanges that can lead to dates. Instead of the simple search function typically used on such services, Echu’s Ideal Type provides tailored matches that become more targeted the more information you enter about yourself. So, claims Echu, a series of “matching tests”  covering such fields as personality, tastes and interests will yield automatic results with recommendations of the ideal person for you.

Also containing location-based technology, Echu’s Ideal Type can tell you if there is a potential good match near you when you’re out. If you’re feeling especially “friendly,” you can apply to be his/her friend and send them a quick message. As with My People, you can also use Echu’s Ideal Type on your PC.

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