Park Geun-hye Invades Your Smartphone

Anyone who feels there are just too many apps these days has some handy new ammunition for their argument.

Courtesy of the “Blue Park” group of young supporters and others, come not one, but two new Android apps devoted to dictator’s offspring, presidential hopeful and opportunist-in-chief Park Geun-hye.

Called “A Country of Happy People,” the Blue Park-created app includes pictures, a video autobiography and — yes! — a cartoon detailing her policies.

Meanwhile, the “Geun-hye Garden” app — set up by another gaggle of Park supporters — offers direct access to her mobile fan cafe, her official homepage and her Cyworld “mini hompi,” too. If that still isn’t enough Park action for you, the app also keeps you updated on Park’s Twitter feed.

Said Kim Joo-bok, a representative of Geun-hye’s Garden:

Park is active on Twitter, mini hompi and apps, so we constructed a mobile system that fit with her way of life and lets the electorate get closer to her.

Though a spokesman for Park said that “various reasons” had held up the launch of an official Park app for the iPhone 4, he said it would soon be available. Sometimes, it seems, there are advantages to being a BlackBerry owner in Korea.

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