Survey: 8 in 10 Korean Netizens Have Used SNS

A new survey from Nielsen Korea shows that more than 8 in 10 Korean netizens use or have used social media. This compares with around 64 percent of all internet users in the US.

Broken down more precisely, 82.8 percent of respondents said they either use or have used social media, of whom 74.9 percent cited Cyworld, 31.9 percent Twitter, 31.8 percent Facebook, 17 percent me2DAY, 6.6 percent Nate Connect, and 4.4 precent Cyworld C-Log.

Overall, the most popular reasons given for using SNS were: to manage and strengthen friendships (76 percent), to get and share information (39.8 percent), as a substitute for calling or text messaging (27.2 percent), to follow trends (26.4 percent); to form new groups (24.8 percent).

Unsurprisingly, those priorities changed a bit across age groups, with 81.2 percent of respondents aged 18-29 citing “managing and strengthening friendships” as the most important issue, dropping to 55.4 percent for those aged 50-59. Conversely, the 50-59-age group was the keenest to get and share information, dropping to 37.9 percent for 18-29-year-olds.

Nielsen Korea conducted the survey between February 25 and March 4, with a total of 1,000 men and women from Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju and Busan.

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