Korean Sites Indulge in April 1st Tomfoolery

On a day when Google launched Gmail Motion and LinkedIn was offering to connect users with “activist/chief fundraiser at Nottingham” Robin Hood, Korean websites were engaging in April Fool’s waggery of their own.

In a gag somewhat similar to LinkedIn’s, Cyworld users opened their accounts to discover friend invites from the likes of 2PM star Nichkhun and 아이유. Clicking on these “friends,” alas, led to nothing more exciting than an invitation to a Cyworld music festival. Cyworld also changed its name to 쵸재깅 (chojaeging) for the day, using the nickname that appears if you attempt to type “Cyworld” in English with the hangeul text left on.

At the Nate apps store, apps that manage groups cheekily switched friend lists between Cyworld and NateOn, while KT and SKT swapped the icons on their Twitter accounts.

Most entertaining, however, was the Korean twist on the “100 Years of YouTube” gag that the streaming site was running worldwide.

In contrast with the faux viral vids on YouTube’s US version, the Korean site was showing real videos that purported to be the “highlights of YouTube’s first 100 years in Korea.” They include a Daehan News segment from 1962 about gliders, a song from 1920’s starlet Yun Sim-deok, and footage of Sohn Kee-Chung’s legendary marathon victory in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. You can check them out below:

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