Shock Finding in Mobile Survey: Korean Guys Like Games, Gals Prefer Shopping

New figures from Mobilians, a wireless payments company, shows that Koreans are spending fast-growing sums on their mobile phones to pay for both digital services and real live goods. Of those, men have an edge in the value and volume of sales, with games their preferred choice. Women, meanwhile, are increasingly using mobile transactions to make payments for shopping.

Analysing 250 million digital transactions from the first quarter of this year, Mobilians discovered that the value of transactions on mobile phones had jumped by 15.3 percent year-on-year — to 304.6 billion won (about US $282 million). The overall market, meanwhile, increased in size from 513.6 billion won to 565.8 billion won.

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Park Geun-hye Invades Your Smartphone

Anyone who feels there are just too many apps these days has some handy new ammunition for their argument.

Courtesy of the “Blue Park” group of young supporters and others, come not one, but two new Android apps devoted to dictator’s offspring, presidential hopeful and opportunist-in-chief Park Geun-hye.

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Korea’s LBS Explosion Brings Talk of Regulatory Reform

In yet another sign of how smartphones are transforming Korea’s internet landscape, location-based services (LBS) are booming in the country, according to a new report from the Korea Communications Commission.

The number of business license applications for LBS start-ups has already hit 101 in the first quarter of this year, compared with 80 for the whole of 2010. There are also, according to the report, more than twice as many LBS firms in operation this year over last year.

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Helizet Aims Big by Getting Personal

From Bloter and IT Today comes news of a new domestic SNS contender called Helizet. Though Korea’s internet is littered with the graves of ill-fated start-ups, Helizet has been catching media attention for three reasons: 1) a boss with previous experience at Cyworld, Daum and Yahoo; 2) a user base that’s leaped from 100,000 to more than 500,000 in barely four months; and 3) a platform that Bloter characterizes as jeonggyeopda, meaning warm or affectionate.

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