AdbyMe Aims to Create Nation of SNS “Mad Men”

SNS advertising is poised to hit the big time in Korea, reports today’s edaily, with Koreans fast recognizing the potential of its so-called “one-man ads.”

An ideal time, then, for the appearance of a new, streamlined ad service called AdbyMe, which promises to make it easier for Korean firms (or anyone else) to create and distribute ads via SNS, primarily Facebook, Twitter and me2day.

According to this post from SNS blogger Rakoon, AdbyMe works as follows:

After registering with the site, potential advertisers provide a link to what they want to promote along with a short explanation. They then decide how much they want to spend, AdbyMe lists the ads at the bottom of its homepage, and individual FB/Twitter/me2day users can post it on their profiles or homepages. As with Google Ads, those users would then receive income when their friends or followers click on the ads.

But there is, according to Rakoon, a key difference: Whereas Google Ads operates by CPC (cost per click), the AdbyMe service will be CPUV (cost per unique visitor), which should help advertisers keep a lid on costs — while presumably paying much less to people hosting ads on their FB, Twitter or me2day accounts.

The edaily piece says that with Facebook use soaring in the last few months, restaurants and book shops (in particular) are already advertising extensively on the site. In the year ahead, the story continues, the ad market on Facebook in Korea is expected to grow by a whopping 55 percent, against growth of 10 percent for the internet ad market more generally.

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