North Korea: The Final Foursquare Frontier

In 2010, people checked into Foursquare from cafes, they checked in from schools, they even checked in from space.

And then, finally, someone checked in from North Korea.

According to this graphic released by the company yesterday, Foursquare saw almost 390 million check-ins last year. Most of them came from cafes or restaurants, followed by workplaces, shops and holiday destinations, with schools being the least common location.

On October 22nd, Doug Wheelock, an American astronaut, even managed to check in from the international space station, earning a “space badge” in the process. And while Wheelock remains the only person to have checked in from the cosmos, at least one person connected to Foursquare from the strange and distant planet DPRK.

Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post said:

I’ve asked Foursquare for clarification about where that check-in occurred and am hoping it didn’t involve an underground nuclear-weapons lab.

More on this story in at Wired and Bloter.

UPDATE: The lesson is clear: Nothing says clickbait like a mention of North Korea in your headline. This post has had over 20 RT’s on Twitter (a veritable blizzard by my standards) of which the wittiest was undoubtedly this one, from @wanniemelon:

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