Koreans’ Smartphones and How They Use Them (Graphs)

It’s been just over a year since the iPhone heralded Year Zero in Korea’s smartphone market, and two recent surveys offer some interesting snippets on where it stands now.

First off, Bloter reports on a survey in which ROA Consulting asked almost 12,000 Koreans what their favourite and  least favourite smartphones were in 2010.

With 44 percent of the votes, the iPhone comfortably beats the Samsung Galaxy S into second place. However, the iPhone (in its 3G version) also comes in third, meaning that between them, the iPhone 3G and 4G were the preferred phones of almost 60 percent of the respondents. Somewhat suprising, at least to me, is that the Galaxy S enjoys a 5 percent edge over the iPhone 4 among women. while men are much heavier users (47 to 30 percent) of the iPhone 4. Rounding out the list are the Samsung T Omnia 2, the LG Optimus One, and the Sky Vega and Izar.

As for the least favourite, that would be:

Topping the list, with a whopping 52 percent disapproval rating, is the Samsung T Omnia 2, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S, the two phones Koreans also voted their fourth and second favourites, respectively.

Over on ZDNet, meanwhile, a joint report from the Korea Communications Commission and the Korea Information Security Agency looks at why and how Koreans are using the new objects of their techie affections.

Among its numerous findings are:

  1. When buying a smartphone, Koreans give most consideration to design and size, followed by screen size and quality, then handset price and only then, they claim, to brand.
  2. Most Koreans (28.6 percent) use their smartphones for between one and two hours a day, with 24.8 percent using them for more than three hours daily. On average, Koreans use their smartphones for an impressive 1.9 hours per day. (The graphic above gives more details.)
  3. The most common uses  for their smartphones are (most popular first): as a diary, as an alarm, to get info/web-surfing, listening to music, for storing contact info, email, games, news, watching TV or movies, weather info, and traffic information.
  4. Korean smartphone users access the internet for an average of 58 minutes per day using their handsets.
  5. They have an average of 28 apps on their phone — though they only use nine or so, and…
  6. Fully 80 percent of them complain about after-sales service, with the most common gripes relating to shortcomings with repairs and the difficulty of exchanging handsets.

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