Social Commerce Takes Twitter

From Bloter comes the inevitable news of a new third-party app for Twitter aimed squarely at Korea’s booming social commerce sector. Called Twitmoa, it helps buyers and sellers connect through Twitter.

When businesses or individual sellers (who must be registered Twitter users) enter product or delivery info on Twitmoa, it will automatically publish updates on Twitter; any customer feedback or inquiries will go through Twitter, too. And when customers sign up for the service, they can enter their categories of interest and where they live so that they only receive Tweets of interest to them.

Bloter says that the big difference between sites such as Ticket Monster and is that Twitmoa effectively cuts out the middle man, letting producers sell their goods directly to consumers, with no commission charged. As Richard points out in his excellent analysis over on Seoul Space, social commerce is already brutally competitive in Korea, with most companies operating on wafer-thin margins. Throw in another (commission-free) competitor on the wildly popular Twitter platform, and the road ahead looks decidedly rocky for many social commerce start-ups.

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